The True Bread of Life ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI

Bread-of-LifeBased on Jn 6:24-35

Today our Lord Jesus is telling us that it is not the physical food of bread that we should be looking for and that we should be looking to be fed by the Holy Spirit. The bread of life is not the loaf in a packet that we buy from a shelf in the supermarket, but is indeed Jesus himself. Jesus was referring to himself as it is he that we need for life, he is essential for true life itself.

If we leave a loaf out overnight it is likely to become stale and perhaps mouldy as it is quickly perishable, whereas the true bread of live-Jesus is erernal. He is the bread that lasts and sustains us forever.

In my life I often come across people who are hungry because of their life circumstances, but many of these people regardless of this are filled with joy, love and hope as they know that Jesus is the truth and that he will always sustain them.

This is exactly what Jesus is telling us when he said, “I am the bread of life.” Jesus feeds us with love, hope, grace and forgiveness and he the true bread from heaven which we need to live the full lives which we were all created to live.

When we partake of the Holy Eucharist, we share in this bread of life. We share in our Lord Jesus with all our Christian brothers and sisters across all the world and across all of time.

We are to share the bread of life with others, to work for food which endures forever. We are called by God our Father to work for him, to share his love, and the good news of the salvation of Jesus.

We are called to be preach the word, to be peacemakers, to love each other for who we are irrespective of any differences. We are called to work to share the unconditional love and acceptance of our Lord Jesus to all and to live our lives as an outpouring of that love.

In whichever way you are called, let us go forth bringing the love and peace and the completeness of the bread of life into the world and into people’s hearts and lives.