Book Review: The Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI


“The Other Wise Man,” a short story by Henry Van Dyke, is an interesting and worthwhile read.

Firstly, the various detailed and colourful descriptions used within its writing made it easy to mentally visualize the surroundings of each scene as the story unfolds.

Secondly, and most importantly, it takes us on the journey of this fourth magi, who desperately sought to pay homage to the newly born King of Kings.

Although this Magi may not have got to pay homage to the Christ Child in the way he had expected when he first set out on his journey, through the many acts of selfless love which he showed to the people in need that he encountered, he clearly met and paid homage to the heavenly King whom he was seeking.  Van Dyke reinforces the belief that the Lord is there in every needy person, and when the “Other Wise Man”  loved them in the love of the lord and helped them, he was giving that love and homage to the heavenly King he sought.

The actions of this Magi are a wonderful example of the way we as Christians should live our lives, by putting our own agenda to one side and following the Lord’s agenda and loving each other, helping those who are in need by showing them the true love of the Lord by our actions.

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