Prayer Requests

black st. dominic

Prayer being one of the Pillars of the Dominican Order, our Brothers and Sisters are in regular prayer.  We offer our attention to those in need by accepting prayer requests submitted in the form below. If you have a prayer intention or need, please fill out the fields below (all are optional – there is no need to submit any information you are not comfortable with giving).  You will be upheld in prayer by our Order.  And may God bless and keep you.  Amen


  1. xavier

    Please pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, the grace for all my earthy sufferings in union with Christ crucified to be purgative for me and redemptive for others, the grace for me to be anointed by the Holy Spirit and to bear much fruit.

  2. deou

    thank you for helping us pray. God has sent kind people who helped us with our finances and one of our prayers has been answered. We have just disposed our IZUZU truck and settled part of our financial obligations. Please continue praying for us, for our little business to flourish, for the good health and safety of each of us in the family and for those who help and love us. God bless!

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