In Memorium

APRIL 27, 1963 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

The Rev. Deacon Sr. Dollie Wilkinson, OPI
was born, and raised in Charleston, WV. She spent most of her earlier life caring for her siblings, and eventually her Mother and Grandmother. Getting married in her 20’s, she had two beautiful daughters, and spent much of that time as a stay at home mom. When both of her girls were in school, she became an active volunteer in the school, and eventually established a Parent Resource Center in the elementary school where both her daughters attended. This led to her becoming a Substitute teacher, a role she enjoyed until her daughters graduated from high school.  Being raised Baptist, she attended church on an irregular basis, not feeling as if she fit in because of the beliefs with in the various churches she attended. In her later years, she became acquainted with the Catholic faith through a dear friend, and priest, and realized this is what she has always sought. Through research, her personal dialogue with God, and mentoring from friends within the Catholic Church, she served as Archdeacon in the Unified Old Catholic Church, and was more informally known as Sister Dollie within the Order of Preachers. Her wish was always to inspire other girls/women who have felt a calling but who had been denied because of their gender, race, etc., to seek their own path with God, and to fulfill what ever role they wish within the Unified Old Catholic Church.