Homily for 28 February in lent II from the Dominican Oratory in Macedonia ~ The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinski

Dear brothers and sisters, with sincere and divine peace in our hearts, abstinent from the worldly allure and the devil’s attacks, we are in peace and joy with the shining sunlight and blossom the nature with the first flowers, announcing the longer and sunny days, fruits, and all that God is giving for our living in this earth. I want and I pray for all of you with God’s blessings to experience his mercy and grace.

But let me tell you something about that, we first need to be fully given to God to use us as clay, to make good vessels for His plans, and that is dividend with daily prayer, things of our strongholds and fallen nature, with the spiritual lent, less food for those that can bear, but for all of us weak or stronger, the spiritual abstinence of all evil and rotten devil allurements.

Penance, with reclusive time for reading the Scripture or any good spiritual book that you like, and compassion always as a good Samaritan, that’s the way, and that is impossible with our faithfulness of prayer, God is doing in us.

I am happy that today when I went to the Priory group of our Order, just to see in case what I should be inspired to share with the rest of us, I want to say that our official web site is refreshed and is dedicated one  chapter space for our never forgotten and dearly beloved deacon Dollie Wilkinskon OPI, and after long time spend in silence, God blessed us with new brother from Serbia that join the Postulancy of Order. Many are called, few are chosen. Don’t lack don’t lose interest of Gods knocking of your heart, Will be not given other time, catch the time, now is the time of salvation.

Please pray for increasing for holy priests and religious to eb given to us from our Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.