PENTECOST from the Dominican Hermitage & Oratory of St’s Sebastian and Peregrine in Gevgelija, MACEDONIA ~ The Rev Dcn. Igor Kalinski, OPI

The time of the Church has begun. It is a time of our responsibility to witness in the world what Jesus taught us. Walk the way of the gospel and bring the Good News to others. This task is difficult because we are only human, and yet Jesus is the Son of God. We need help, we need the power of the Spirit of God to stir our hearts and enlighten our steps. That is why those present see it as glowing tongues that shine and warm. They feel it as the force of the wind pushing forward and giving strength in the path of good. It is up to us to develop the sails and direct our boat on this sea of ​​life.

Thus the frightened apostles became zealous heralds of the cross and resurrection, of faith in God and of love for every man. And people, gathered in that square and all over the world, united by the Spirit, understand each other better and forgive more easily. It is these gifts that our families and parishes, the Church and society need most: To understand means to forgive!

The Church received her mission in this world from Jesus: You will be my witnesses! Thus all of us baptized, as its children and members, are called to be apostles of hope and witnesses of love. That is our calling and our mission, our mission.

We certainly strive for friendly, family, business and civic duties. We can call this the horizontal of our existence. Something like the foundations of a future house. But the walls must already be visible in the foundations. The foundations are there only to carry a horizontal that rises upward, toward heaven and God.

Sometimes we Christians lose sight of our spiritual mission, and we do not even know the meaning of this daily rush in which we are involved. More and more work is being done, earnings are never enough, the voids of the heart are too deep when they want to be filled only with earthly things. Here is the Holy Spirit and his seven gifts. He is a support to the mission of the Church, to explain the truth to us, to strengthen our decisions, so that our love does not cool down…

God’s call is often repeated in the Bible: Arise and go! Jesus says of himself: I am the way… So our human and religious life is a permanent journey. The complete truth is up there, we always discover it a little bit, the beauty of its flowering never ceases.

The Holy Spirit makes us free and creative, encourages us to row towards the open sea of ​​life and God’s history. Man was not created to just keep the past, something acquired, old habits… It is our vocation to discover new seas of life. It is our task to spread the sails and the Holy Spirit will give us the strength of a suitable wind.