Be Bold! Be True!~The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinski, OPI

Third Sunday of Easter

Many fake teachings are cursed, with the letter without he Spirit, what is fake, there is not God’s leading, and there is not revival and repentance. Everything that is human teachings, religious rules made by men is a burden for people who seek and are thirst for God.

But where is God and His teaching, where is God’s commandments, there is also His blessing.

From today’s lection reading from the mass we learn something crucial for ourselves, for our neighbors and for all believers, that we have to be obedient of God’s word, and that He command us to proclaim to the world.

People will be saved if we give them the water from God’s spring, if in that water that is living water we put some drops of human teaching, or error, or spiritual poison, we make damage to the people who could of be saved, or not saved depending what kind of water we give them.

So what we shall do?  Fearless bold and fulfilled with His spirit we say and proclaim to the mankind what have been commanded to do directly from the source of Jesus.  Where is that living water? In religion? In the letter? Or in the Spirit? Well, the letter only kills, the religion gives burden and yoke who couldn’t bare the Pharisee teachers and leader, Jesus says that Spirit gives a life. I fear God and I will be obedient to preach and proclaim what have been told to me to do. How I know what I’ve been told to do? The answer and the spring of living water we find in the Holy Scripture, if we have healthy theology, we have the light the of Jesus, to be the light and the salt of this world. I am preacher of God Dominican, and I am telling you from the Bible, the tradition and religion of this world make people blind and can gain the salvation, it’s impossible with are dirty deeds to gain the salvation, but if we are faithful of His holy word, cos Jesus is the Word of God, if we read the Bible, and stick close to God and if we study like the church of Berea in the epistle of Thessalonians , when those early Christian fellows have been testing and investigating if what we heard is correct or not. In prayer and seeking God’s leadership through his Holy Spirit, we will not fear the people and we strictly say what have been commanded to us to do, in that case we can see the fruits of our working in the field. We will oppose not only Gamaliel leader of today’s world, the religious leaders of today’s organized religion, we have to be not different from today reading I Acts when the apostles have preached the truth ad only the truth. If we remain in God’s light, people will know we have His side of work. Let’s be Christians and servants and workers of God as the example of the Book of Acts, personally I won’t remain or pretend or stay in dead religion of spreading hate and yoke that nobody can handle.

God help us to be faithful to Your commandments, with our lifestyle, that’s the way for these thirsty and hungry people seeking only You, not the dead religion that so many people have hurt in human history.

CHRIST IS RISEN! He is alive, and we serve our living God. Amen.