The Feast of All Souls~Dcn Igor Kalinski, IPI

DOMINICAN HERMITAGE & ORATORY of St’s Peregrine and Sebastian in Gevgelija, Republic of Macedonia, Europe

I lost one very good intimate friend, two years ago, I lost my dad 17 years ago, my grandparents, my gran grandparents, some school friends too, many neighbors and relatives during my 44 years life on this earth.

This Memorial  of ALL SOULS Day, is a day of reflection, day to open and search my family photo albums, the archives, days when I ask some of the oldest members in our family, to refresh their memory with my million questions and details about members of our household that are gone and I want to hear stories about them.

I want to provoke in my family and relatives and friends too to think about our beloved people that are in Heaven.

We will all go in Heaven one day,  and what’s hold me in the Divine hope is the Scriptures verses that all are fell in sleep, waiting for the sound of the trumpet.

Some people are sad of the missing of their late beloved friends and family, some reflect on this day with gratitude, some with sadness.

I want us to encourage that its one in a year dedicate memorial for each and every one missing person, for all those who don’t even have a grave mark, those brave soldiers who fought for us today living in peace.

For all those not yet canonized in the church bureaucratic  policy but are saints cos each soul living in God’s presence is holy, saved and  a saint too.

This is a feast for  millions and billions of souls, that only God knows them perfectly by name and origin.

I am thankful for this memorial that exist and for many many who are gone due of covid illness.

This is a memorial day for all of our deceased members of OPI and UOCC, I will mention dear deaconess Dollie, and bishop elect venerable Philip Gerboc, so deeply loved and deeply missed and never forgotten.

We  all die, we will suddenly all fell in God’s sleep, to rest until He  comes soon again to raise all who patiently believed and hoped for better life in heaven.

Today is a feast of all my family and friends that are gone for all of these years.

The Church is one and holy, one on earth preaching and sharing holy sacraments, the other is the Church in Heaven  celebrating God with all martyrs, deceased ancestry, they in Heaven are worshiping, singing, and interceding for the petitions and needs of the Church on earth.

I will say, all souls of God from the beginning of the world until today that are in Heaven saved with the blood of Jesus are holy intercessors for us.

I light the candle and bring some flesh flowers in my oratory’s altar, offering my prayers of thanksgiving for their lives on earth.