It is with great joy that we announce the restoration of the Order of Preachers, OPr, to the Reformed Catholic Church.  We are a group of men and women, both clergy and lay, striving to bring to the world the Good News of Christ by following in the steps of our father, Saint Dominic, by way of the Four Pillars of the Dominican Charism:  Prayer, Study, Community, and Ministry.

It is our hope that by our presence in the world we may further the cause of Our Lord and the Reformed Catholic Church, and to be a blessing to those with whom we come in contact.  Though the Order of Preachers is  patterned after an eight-hundred old tradition founded by Saint Dominic Guzman, we strive to remain relevant in today’s society through our  belief in a Christ-centered faith and devotion.  To know and share the truth of God’s Word through teaching, preaching, study, and community, is the foundation of our mission, and the complete surrender to God’s will is central to the heart of  the sincere piety which is the way of God’s most dedicated servants, is that for which we strive.

We ask your prayers as we begin this journey of faith, that we may ever grow in our Christian walk and as we endeavor to bring Christ to the masses.


  1. Bishop Antony

    What a wonderful blessing to see the great Order of Preachers revived in our beloved Reformed Catholic Church.I will always remember what an inspiration the Order was to me as a youth and I know that the Order of Preachers will be a great asset to the Church.

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