A Word About Christmas Decorations ~ Rev. Br. Terry Elkington, OPr

For this Advent Season let us explore and understand the meaning of the Christmas Tree.  Although I have no reference as to when this story came about. I feel all of us from adults to children will understand it.

The History of the Christmas Tree According to tradition:

The Christmas Tree originated in Riga, Latvia. The Christmas legend says that a monk named Boniface used its triangular shape to to explain the trinity – that God was Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  From that point on, the Germans call the tree “God’s Tree.” By the 16th century they Western Germany in the 16th century, they were used in plays to represent the tree in the garden with Adam and Eve and were decorated with apples. They were called “Paradeisbaum” (Paradise Trees) and were soon brought into homes and still decorated with apples and other fruits to celebrate Christmas. Later, dates, pretzels, and nuts were also used to decorate the tree.  The evergreen was recognised as a symbol of eternal life. Soon candles were soon added the evergreen branches to represent the stars and that Jesus was the light of the world. Besides apples and other fruits, tradition says they also added Communion wafers wrapped in gold and silver foil that represented the fact that Jesus came into the world to save it, that like the communion bread, his body would be broken to save us from sin. Later the wafers were

replaced with cookies cut into the shapes of bells, angels, stars, and hearts.

Gold Christmas Bulb

The Gold Christmas bulb reminds us of Heaven which is filled with the glory of God. The Bible tells us that in Heaven, the streets of the city are pure, clear gold-like glass  (Rev.21:21). God wants you to be with Him in Heaven someday.

Red Christmas Bulb

Red Christmas Bulb The Red Christmas Bulb shows the way God made for you to have your sins forgiven-taken away. God loves you. He sent His own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, from Heaven to take the punishment for your sin (John 3:16). Jesus came into the world to save us from punishment for sin. He is called our Savior! “…the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin” (I John 1:7).

White Christmas Bulb

The white Christmas bulb reminds us that you can be made clean from sin. When we sin, we can tell god about our sin, and ask forgiveness and when we do his blood washes away our sin and makes us white as snow! (I John 1:9).

The Green Christmas Tree

The green Christmas tree reminds us of the new life, everlasting life, we can receive from God.  The Bible tells us to “grow in grace in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18).

The Blue Christmas Bulb

The blue bulb is the same as water. Jesus, to show he was giving his life to God was baptized in water.Christmas Lights

Jesus was born as a light of the world. He came to bring us out of darkness and into the light. Do you want to walk in the light of Jesus this Christmas?

A Silver or Gold Star

You can add a star at the top of the Christmas tree as a reminder that the wisemen followed the star looking for Jesus. Will you seek Jesus this Christmas?

Now as you look upon a Christmas tree you will appreciate what you see .

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