The Ultimate Sacrifice of Love ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI


Today we come together as Christians and as Children of God to Celebrate Good Friday (also called Holy Friday), the beginning of the Holiest weekend, also known as the Triduum, within both the church and within our Christian lives. Today our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, out of such wonderous love for all of mankind, willingly sacrificed himself and was crucified upon the cross to atone for our sins. It is through this sacrifice of immeasurable love that we are able to have eternal salvation through him.

Jesus was hated by many of the Jewish high priests and scribes because he condemned their sins, and they were jealous of him. They did not want to accept the word of God that Jesus was preaching and they refused to return to God. They finally decided to have Jesus killed but needed the permission of the Roman Governor to do so. Jesus was arrested, and handed to Pilate who could not find any wrongdoing that Jesus had done, but he needed to please the people. He handed Jesus’s fate over to them who, encouraged by the chief priests, demanded Jesus was to be crucified.

The crucifixion was executed outside the city and before Jesus was crucified alongside two convicted criminals, he was severely scourged, beaten, spat upon, and mocked.

The crucifixion took place around 33 AD and was the most horrendous and cruel punishment of that time period. We cannot comprehend the scale of suffering that our Lord endured that day for you and I, and for all of mankind! Can you imagine on top of the severe scouging, and beating he had already endured then to have long iron spikes forcefully driven into his hands and feet upon the cross? Or how it felt to hanging upon the cross for six hours until his death, enduring violent spasms caused by the nails irritating his nerves and thrusting his body against the cross? Our Lord died a most horrendous, excruciatingly painful and cruel death without ever complaining because of his love for us!!! Jesus didn’t even apportion blame to those putting him through this…as he said “Father, forgive them.”

I am forever thankful for this sacrifice of love that out Lord endured on my behalf.  But the question is:  How thankful are you? Do you love and trust him in completeness? Do you give your full lives and soul to him and to the will of God? If not, today I invite you right now to allow him fully and completely into your lives!!

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