The Innkeeper’s Daughter – A Poem for Christmastime ~ Br. Chip Noon, Novice


The Innkeeper’s Daughter

The donkey’s bray resounded cross the yard,
And Sarah looked to see who stopped so late.
A man and wife, with patience, turned to wait
Upon the owner of the inn, on guard,
As if again they would be shown the door
And told to move along, “no shelter here!”
She saw the girl was near her time, so near,
The man looked awkward, beaten, and so poor.
Then Sarah pitied them and said to stay,
Her father owned the inn, she’d talk to him.
The place was full, but would they mind the shed?
The girl looked down, and then began to sway
And sank upon the ground, her face all grim.
Her husband nodded yes, and stroked her head.

Br. Chip Noon, OPI (postulant)

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