Book Review: Sacred Space for Lent ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI


Sacred Space for Lent was written by the Irish Jesuits, and was the basis for my Lenten Studies.

This book was an excellent resource for this Lenten season that we have just journeyed through. As well as the Gospel reading for each day throughout the season, it also had daily reflections on the readings, so it was easy to picture the scene and to place yourself within the scriptures. It also focused on our failings and offered prayers for the appropriate Gospel sections.

Each week there was a deeper reflection and guidance for several topics on which we could think and pray for that particular week of Lent.

I found these very good to help me to keep focused on the true meaning of Lent and to journey through the Lenten season in a way that made me feel even closer to our Lord.

The book was very descriptive, well written and was very easy to follow on a daily basis.

I would score it 4 stars for the content that was obviously well thought through. The reason for me that it doesn’t get a 5 star score is because I like to see illustrations of what is being said as well as the writing as for me the two together give a fuller picture. This book was well worth reading but I would have also added the illustrations that were not presented within the book.

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