Life-For the Purpose of God – The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI


Today we celebrate the nativity of the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly mother.

All parents are filled with such joy at the birth of their children. We try to bring them up to be the best which they can be in the world. Our heavenly Father who created us and who knows each of us before our birth is no different. He also is filled with joy at our birth and wants the best for us.

God already has plans for each of our lives and for exactly which role we shall fill within his kingdom on earth.

Some may eventually become Bishops, priests, ministers of the word or professed religious. For others, it may be growing up to work in the care profession, to be a Dr or nurse, carer and so on,or to teach our future adults in schools, colleges or universities. They may be in support roles such as social or charitable work. Whatever the role the Father has planned for us, all are valuable and necessary for his Kingdom on earth.

But just imagine if you can, that in this case, we have St Joachim and St Anne, who were both unable to bear children. Imagine the joy here when, because of their faith, they were given their daughter Mary. What such a special gift and blessing!!

However, not just St Joachim and St Anne were blessed by the birth of Mary, as indeed we all have been blessed!

God chose that Mary would grow up to become the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, when he came down to earth as one of us. It is Mary who loved and nurtured Our Lord and who suffered so much incomprehensible sorrow and heartbreak when Jesus gave himself to be crucified for the atonement of our sins.

Through this most blessed role, Mary became our Mother in heaven who is there interceding with her Son on our behalf.

This innocent new baby, Mary, grew up so full of faith and gave herself totally and freely to the will of God our Father. When the angel Gabriel came to her to proclaim that she would bear a son and that he would be the Son of the Most High, Mary replied, “I am the Lord’s servant” May your word to me be fulfilled”.(LK 1:38 NIV)

Such Faith and devotion!

We can all learn so much in our lives from the life and faith of Mary. Her life clearly shows us how we should accept in true faith the plans that God our Father has for our lives, so that like Mary, we may be instruments of his glory.

With this in our hearts and minds, let us pray:

God Our Father, give your chosen people your help and strength. The birth of the Virgin Mary’s Son was the dawn of our salvation. May our celebration of her nativity bring us closer to lasting peace and may the virtues that she modelled develop in our lives,to love you and our neighbours more perfectly. Grant this we pray, through Christ our Lord.


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