The Presentation of Mary ~ Br. Michael Marshall, Novice


As Christian Doctrine teaches us, the Blessed Virgin Mary was without sin, and that is why she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.  This would be just the beginning of her “ministry.”  Today is the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so let us get to that subject… Various sources indicate that Mary was presented at the Temple when she was three years old by her parents; and at that event a vow to have her become educated was made.  This presentation just happened to be another step in her ministry as the mother of Jesus, as much as she was not aware of it until later in her life.

Now, let us move forward in the timeline of Mary’s life; the event in which the angel appeared to her explaining that she would bear a son who would be the Messiah, which was the will of God.  This was a huge sacrifice to submit to the will of God; totally giving of herself in the fulfillment of her ministry.  In the Gospel, we read about Jesus noticing people giving their surplus wealth away while a woman was giving two coins.  This woman was living in poverty, therefore giving away everything on which she had to survive.  Mary was like this woman.

How does all of this apply to us?  In this era of rapidly changing technology and demands of being available 24/7 through cell phones and Internet, we often get so wrapped up in all of that to the point that we are not giving adequate time to our spiritual life; not devoting enough time to God.  Some of us participate in leisure activities before taking time to pray, when it ought to be the other way around.  We need to look to Mary as an example of totally giving of ourselves.

Father, just as Mary selflessly gave of her entire self, may we recognize that we need to put you first before other things in our life; even if it means giving up wasteful leisure pleasures.  This we ask through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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