The Feast of All Souls ~ The Very Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI

All Souls

Reading 1: WIS 3:1=9

R psalm : PS 23:1=3A,3B=4,5,6

Reading 2: ROM 5:5=11

or ROM 6:3=9

Gospel: JN 6:37=40

Today we come together to pray for all the Souls of the dearly departed. We pray for our passed loved ones, we pray for those who to our earthly eyes, lived a faithful and Holy life, those who loved and followed the Lord, those who passed who cared for the poor and hungry.

But we don’t only come together today to pray for the good who have passed as we are not the judge, so we also come together to pray for the Souls of the departed of those who passed to our earthly eyes having lived by earthly values and a life that sadly seemed far from God. We pray for all the departed, both the faithful and unfaithful. We pray for all the departed Souls, entrusting them all to God’s tender mercy, knowing that in the Communion of Saints, that our prayers are heard and are able to be of help to all the Souls of the departed to attain the mercy of God and eternal salvation.

We never know what sins the departed =including our loved ones, may have kept hidden out of fear or weakness, only God truly can see all the heart, so it is vitally important that we come together today to offer our prayers and to offer to our Heavenly Father, the body, blood, soul and Divinity of his dearly beloved Son, in expiation for our sins, for the sins of the world, and the sins of the departed.

We pray in hope today that our dear Lord Jesus will receive our expiatory sacrifice that we offer in faith, and applies them to the benefit of all the deceased if they are in need of our prayers and sacrifice.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May all the Souls of the departed rest in peace. Amen.

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