The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ Br. Igor Kalinski, OPI (Translated from the Macedonian)






Written from The Dominican Hermitage, The Oratory of Saint Sebastian and Saint Peregrine in Gevgelija, Macedonia

The Readings for Today:

13 Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear sisters and brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the book of Wisdom we read verse 113-15 and 2:23-24 “Because God did not wake death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living, for he fashioned all things that they might have being, and the creatures of the world are wholesome, and there is not a destructive drug among them nor any domain of neither world on earth for justice is undying.

Comparing this with another verse in today’s readings we find we are told something else about death: that all that who have possessions, experience it. We are made from God to be similar like him, imperishable, image of his own nature, and death that he did not make, neither does he rejoice for our destruction but His justice is undying, He God is the ultimate justice, eternally living, and all who experienced death as a result of our sin, will be a moment even though physically sanctified will go back in destruction. All of these what God has promised us the believers after death, and what can the wicked expect, and what we have to expect from undying justice, our Lord Jesus Christ, and after our sufferings is a reward, that’s why we have to love the justice and wisdom.

Now as you excel in every respect, in faith, discourse, knowledge, all earnestness, and in love we have for you, you may excel in this gracious act also”

We learn about Macedonians, from their giving , and that is the grace from God, that has been giving to the churches in Macedonia for the severe test of affection, the abundance of their joy and generosity, this is true example with love for one another brings immediate help to those afflicted of any kind of problem “ As is written whoever had much did not have woke, and whoever had much did not have less”

This is the way that help you decide what cause need immediate attention with equality principle, and this principle say about getting your own needs met. The test of generosity toward our povery, will not make us lazy and bored or with no lack of help, that principle reveal generosity, helping your neighbor we help ourselves, we bring help to those in need, and when our turn to be afflicted, God is bringing someone to help us. Jesus is rich Son of God that passes everything, and he chose to be born in barn, and to live in poverty “to test the genuineness of your love by your concerns for others”, this is the way, first we pray for the hungry, than we feed them.

Jairus the synagogue ruler, feel at Jesus feet and begged him to heal his 12 years old daughter.

When was my last time that I feel at Jesus feet, I was asking myself, from the every beginning of this story that occurred, I was attacked from the first sentence, to kneel in Gods presence in a way of kneeling with your mind, with your heart, with your thoughts, what I always try to do, but this kneeling with my body, this sinful body, that is made to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, this really gave me attention to contemplate, and that in the room with the dead girl, only Peter, James and John were allowed to enter and to witness this miracle, this simple problem for Jesus, to bring back the life, as a giver of eternal life, this shows the divinity of Christ, none is capable to do such a thing than God Almighty in presence of his son Jesus our Lord, and the three apostles represent Peter the faith, James the hope and John the love, in this I see the first image, story from the Gospel, like a holy sacrament of anointing the sick, but in this case resurrection of dead body. Jesus is giver of life, everything is possible in his name. Amen.


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