The Presentation of the Lord~ The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinsky, OPI (translated from the Macedonian)

Mal 3:1-4; Heb 2:14-18; Lk 2:22-40

When I close my eyes and looking  with my inner eyes the temple, the place of worship and prayer where Jewish people gather from all parts of Israel, beautiful temple, and Jesus was consecrated and offered to God in the temple, a little baby child, revealing his solemn entrance as he will be later be welcomed on Palm Thursday. This is very seen sign from the multitude as witness for the ends of times, that He is born in likeness of men, taking human body, been circumcised on eighth day and now the 40thies days by the law prescribed of Moses, all of this steps and path , he is doing to fulfill the scripture as Lord and perfect men.

What makes my heart melting is when I think about my anniversary of vocational discernment , sometimes I count the day of my simple vows or should I think from the perpetual vows, but every Presentation is an anniversary to myself and to all religious brothers and sisters in this world, as oblates, missionaries, hermits, monks, nuns all that encounter and dedicate whole body and soul to the temple, the higher even the mystical body, the bride of our Redeemer.

Very touching moment, great revelation for deliverance of Israel. Here was someone, an elder, rightful and just prophet Simeon and from the other part I can say a model of an oblate or a religious, a faithful in prayer and fast, the old widow Anna. Such a blessing from God to hold the infant Jesus. Holy Ghost have told to their hearts whom they shall see before they die.

This reveal to us, if we stay faithful to God, he will secure our life even when we become very old, Gods promises are fulfilled for people devoted totally to Him, depending of His mercy and grace. I am so touched from these two models for today’s life. St Simeon and St Anna, she is a model of faithfulness and dedicated devotionals, and the fasting. St Simeon revealed that our LORD as he took mortal flesh, he humbled himself, but we are encouraged that Savior is born, to save our fallen nature and sin, and make a new covenant, became one of us in every suffering, thirst, hunger, but not in sin. He is God, he was recognized in Simenon’s eyes .

Let us pray God to open our eyes, so we can recognize Him and accept him un the beggar , in the poor.

As we are about to embark on another new year, it seem appropriate that the words of St Simeon in the Gospel should ring in our ears. That this infant Jesus our Redeemer our LORD, He will be fall and rise of many. He is fall for those who reject Him, those who will accept, listen and follow His path and His words, He will be their heavenly delight.

When we hear those words spoken to the Holy Mother Theotokos, that She will suffer a lot. But reading I notice not despair scene, we see in the temple Simeon, Anna and the Holy Family, Mary Joseph and Jesus., and they do not lament or murmur, or be in depression or agony. This is accepted as will of the God, and they had joy in there hearts and souls, even is predicted difficulty that have to occur.

Sometimes at a great cost this world, and those who should know you better, will hate you, despise you, say all sorts of lies against you. Let this evil world of those wicked take the easy path and its glory in this life and you can say like St Simeone “Now let Your servant dismiss according to Your word in peace, because my eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared before the face of all people. A light to the revelation of the gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel”

True happiness is you’re your happiness to remain in Lords heart.

Dear devoted brothers and sisters who live vowed and consecrated life, lets have this memory in our hearts, as mutual feast that have to unite our parts, personalities  and skills to continuation of living daily gospel through our simple and humble actions. Lets strive to take our daily remind or recommendation of the holy widow Anna, and the holy elder Simeon, how they served in Gods temple, let our priories, oratories, missions, chapels proclaim in honor of that temple and of hope for beter and eternal life within the New Jerusalem


Gevgelija 28.II.2020 on the feast of St Thomas Aquinas in the Gevgelian Oratory in Macedonia

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