Repent! ~ The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinski, OPI

Oratorium Sancti Sebastian & Peregrine Gevgelija Macedonia

As we approach closer to the feast of the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, let implore ourselves to the will of God.

We see many signs of His majesty, natural signs, earthquakes for the last 63 hours about 11 earthquakes in Zagreb, the pandemic in Italy, Spain, throughout Europe and now all over the globe.

God is talking to us, to repent and come close to Him, in his hands are all lives and destinies, he is warning us and reminding us of our sins, to turn to him, all that we have forgotten, now we are close in this lent, all of those signs are remind us that soon our lives going to end soon or later, and he wants all humanity to be saved, and never before the humanity haven’t been so distant from all that we see daily in the news or internet, as exist people that watching, hearing seeing and areas till stubborn, and many will praise and repent to God, and many will still be blind and deaf.

Will come time of tribulations for the church, but do not be afraid. Jesus have overcome the evil, and his promise for us Christians is that he will deliver us from hardship.

We need to endure perseverance, faithfulness and commitment to our vocation and our daily testimony to all people that ask us, that they will praise Lord seeing how we stay loyal to our Lord, serving him in adoration and love.

Hard times are coming for the humanity, but Jesus have overcome all negative evil devils work.

Now is time for repentance, now is the time for turning to God, now is the time for renewal of our spirit to become in unity with God as his bride, the Holy Church, the safe place for us as Jesus have given his promises in time for coming the worst, but that is not the end of humanity and civilization.

The individual will of all of us given to stay close to him and to not fear, despite what is coming in our present time, he will not be going to despise or reject us.

This is time for great exams for all of us.

He is alpha and omega, he has his ultimate word. In this worldwide lockdown when we socially distant ourselves from each other, is time for becoming closer to God in prayer and reflecting upon God’s word and promises.

We have better world in the heaven with the father and the son and the holy ghost. Amen

25.III.2020 the feast of the annunciation of BVM

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