All Souls Day ~ The Rev. Dcn Igor Kalinski, OPI

Dominican Hermitage & Oratory of St’s Sebastian and Peregrine in Gevgelija ~ MACEDONIA

Beloved brothers and sisters, after the melancholy of the end of august and beginning of September that I personally experience throughout my life in changing seasons, as personally I am not a fan of summertime, holidays and vacation, even if might be in summer I would of search for woods and forests and mountains, to escape the heat that I can enjoy, it’s not for me.

With the official start of autumn, and the changing nature colors into golden red, give me such inner peace, in reflection through the jump of one novena to another, like in the end of September with the Little Flower St Theresa of Infant Jesus, Christ the King Sunday, to the very end of October, and in the steps of 1st November, when the nature is more dramatically changed, that what gives anxiety and pain in the summertime for those like me that have severe suffering, is a joyful grace from God, giving me days, giving me weeks, and more and more months, hopefully years too, to keep my mind into practice of good deeds, and having humble and meek heart, grateful for giving me another day to repent, a time for going back in order to fulfill my seven offices per day from the breviary, God gives strength and joy.

Beginning of this month, the month of my birthday, so in any liturgical season and aspect, we all of us are included as parts of the same body, and get in touch through the same Spirit, to have our own connection that give us growing in spiritual life, which is not easy, and is not  need a time for been moody, Jesus overcome all of this, he is doing the same within us.

Yesterday, we solemnly celebrated All Saints Day, wow what a beautiful day for reminding us, or uniting our favorite saints, that we collect as cards in our breviary, in our prayer corners in every catholic and orthodox devoted people and families, me personally I celebrate as my defenders those that are commemorated on my birthday date, and those that have impact and motivated and inspired me into my spiritual life and vocation.

In the eastern rite tradition, usually is the Sunday after Pentecost, Sunday of all saints, many various and liturgical churches, as orthodox, Episcopalian, Anglican, old catholic, roman etc. preserved in different dates, but the one and unified thing is that we all cry and petition and pray to them, to pray for us to God and to intercede for us. And now many brave heroic saints and martyrs  that proclaimed the gospel or stand firm to the death for Jesus are still unknow today, but not for God, who will not let any bone, any hair, any piece of human body to be forgotten or vanish, cos the death of His holy name and been sacrificed for his sake will never be forgotten. Church tradition in many various occasions as we read have miraculously and by vision or dream have appeared the relics of many saints, as we read daily for example in the Ohrid’s Prologue in those biographies and stories about the saints. Many are not officially canonized but are saints worshiping God in heaven.

We are all called to be saints, as every saint have a past and every sinner have a future. I know many that are gone now  from us, fell asleep, such as father Philip Gerboc, OFMI, sister Victoria Williams OFMI, sister Dollie Wilkinson OPI, sister Maria Blagodatna of Jesus and many how strived to live consecrated life, in human body, and been a good example in time of distress a comfort, and true friends and family that are all deeply missed. So today we cherish all those that are gone from us, reminding us that we will soon go to the same path as them, and in God is no difference from alive in earth and alive in heaven, for him are alive. Many from our deceased family members, brothers, friends, sisters, colleges, enemies, it’s time for us to reconcile us, to repent, to forgive them, and to pray for them, to offer masses for them, rosaries, good acts of charity for the soul of the departed, cos they can’t do nothing for themselves, but we can pray for them, and make charity acts, and they will pray for us to God as well.

The Saturdays is also a good time for us to say the office of dead for them, offer holy rosary, give food to the homeless, an act of charity, light candle, bring fresh flowers, and celebrate their lives, through reflection, praying for the souls and for the families that grieve, because they died in hope for resurrection and everlasting life in Christ Jesus our Lord, amen.

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