Reflectons ~ The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinski, OPI

Dominican Hermitage & Oratory of St’s Sebastian and Peregrine in Gevgelija~Republic of Macedonia

Thirty Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, 15 November 2020

Wow, 33th Sunday in Ordinary Time, and this year is soon going to be over, but before saying good bye to ending year, and preparing for the blessings and grace and strength of endurance for the next year, in hope that God will be merciful to give us more days for reflection, repentant heart and contrition from our daily failures to prepare in a spiritual lent for the blessed season that soon will come the Advent season.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am grateful to God that gave me all that is not in past, all what I have achieved, and I have missed. We don’t know what is in front of us, but we have the Hope for better tomorrow, for peaceful future, that today we are in a middle of great turbulence, adultery, and blasphemy. We must strive daily and to remind daily ourselves that we fight the dark forces under the sky, that daily tempted people to live a life of sin and corruption. We must remind ourselves daily that we want to be in Heaven, and that we must bring more people to the Truth, that soon or later our lives will end. So, we must be vigilant and to be in unending prayer in our spirit, in any time.

We are each one of us unique as God’s creation, so God gave skills, abilities and talents to each of us, so we are each and every one of us important in building God’s building even here on earth, which as each parts are the construction of the Body of Christ.

We need to practice those gifts, to study them, and to work on them, to get experience and to blossom the work in the crafting in any kind that each and every one has. Those who think that they don’t have any talents, so those are probably those who have buried in the soil.

Let’s stand up and start working on our skills, and God will bless the effort, and will bring in the proper time the harvest, depends how much we have been involving to work on Gods fields. Harvest is big, workers few, it’s the same like today’s Gospel reading, if we think that without working on ourselves to become better and growing from spiritual babies into growing mature man, it’s the same with growing in our gifts and talents, just we have to wake up, spiritual laziness and sleepiness is a dead man walking , and will not achieve the purpose of the calling and the eternal glory for Christ who redeemed us with His Passion, if we think it’s just enough to be saved, well you have to be born again, so awake up, find your talents, no matter how much they are, God will bless the work. Look the example of Saint Joseph the worker, there are so many examples.

In the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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