A New Novice!

The Order of Preachers, Reformed is delighted to announce that Father Seraphim McCune has been received into the Noviatite, following an extensive amount of time spent studying, discerning, and seeking the Will of God for his life during his time as a Postulant. We ask that you keep our dear brother in your prayers as he continues to grow in the Lord during the time of his continuing formation as a Novice of the Order, and he continues to discover how he may best serve Our Lord. Thanks be to God!


  1. Fr. Olimpio C. Armoa

    Fr. McCune.

    You have started another step in your searching for God´s will, this one is harder than the previous but it takes you strainght to heart of the Lord. Live it in full brother. I will pray for you.

    Fr. Olimpio
    (the country priest)

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