With Great Joy!!!!!!!!!!! A Profession and Two Ordinations…

The Order of Preachers, Reformed joyously announces the First Profession of Sister Dollie Wilkinson, OPr on Saturday, 14 July 2012.  Please continue to pray for Sister Dollie as she continues to grow in her service of Our Lord.

Further, we are exceedingly blessed in that Sister Dollie and Brother Joshua Hatten were both ordained to the Diaconate on Saturday, 14 July 2012.  They are now The Reverend Sister Dollie Wilkinson, OPr, and The Reverend Brother Joshua Hatten, OPr.  Please keep our beloved Brother and Sister in your prayers and thanksgivings as they continue to walk with Our Lord.

In the Love of Christ,

Father Michael, OPr

One comment

  1. Fr. Olimpio C. Armoa

    Dear Sister Dollie and Brother Joshua.

    May Our Lady of Carmel keep your step on the ladder toward perfection.

    With love in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
    Fr. Olimpio C. Armoa
    (the country priest)

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