Quick Facts

  • Orphaned when very young.
  • Uneducated.
  • Worked as a domestic servant by age 10.
  • Blind by age 12; the cause of her blindness has not come down to us.
  • Adopted by a community of Dominican tertiaries at Pavia.
  • Developed a devotion to Saint Dominic in hopes that his intervention would return her sight; when it didn’t she came to accept it as her lot in life.
  • Received a vision of Saint Dominic as confirmation of her desire to join the order.
  • At age 15 she became a recluse, living in a walled up cell.
  • She spent her time in prayer and devotion, and her cell soon became a point of pilgrimage for Pavians seeking advice and healing; she lived there for over 60 years, doing penance, performing miracles, and spreading devotion to the Holy Spirit.
  • Sybillina could sense the Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Once a priest passed her window on his way to a sick call.
  • She told him that the host was not consecrated; he checked and found he had taken a host from the wrong container.


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