All Ya Need Is Love ~ Br. Carl Pappalardo, Postulant

Eph.5-2 Walk in love as Christ loved us, is one of my favorite Bible verses. This is true altruism without judgment.  I relate this with the love I found myself to have first felt with my children. I didn’t realize I was capable of unconditional love, until about 25 years ago, at the birth of my oldest daughter.  I had known the love of my parents and that of a spouse, but truly had no idea the love one feels for one’s child, or should have.   Over the years it has amazed me at how strong, non-judgmental and unconditional this love is.  This love has held through the calls in the middle of the night, sometimes from the police, through ousting boyfriends and even through being told how horrible I was and how much my kids hated me.  None of that seemed to matter that much, although it did hurt a bit at times. I just had to love them.

We are given the greatest example of this from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as he loved us during his time on earth. True Altruism to all.  He showed us as stated in 1 Sam. 16-7.  The Lord looks not on the outward appearance but looks at ones heart.  This, too, took quite some time for me to grasp  I had to learn to listen to people’s hearts.  Our goal should be to take this love I described of my children and apply it to all and without being judgmental.  Our goal is to  walk in love as Christ loved us,  and not walk in love as Christ loved us unless they are a felon, or have been divorced or are gay etc.

Living the way Christ loves is truly proclaiming the gospel and preaching its real essence:  Love!   If one truly put this all together, the concept of non-judgmental, unconditional and unending love, then we will find ourselves living in a real state of Godliness here on earth.  Amen.

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