Rejoice! Rejoice! ~ The Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI


Rejoice! Rejoice! Our Gift from God is Born! 

The Christmas tree stands proudly and ladened with beautiful decorations. Christmas gifts of all shapes and sizes surround the tree, all prettily wrapped in fancy paper, tied with an array of colourful ribbons and bows.

The faces of happy children all aglow with excitement as they tear open these gifts on Christmas morning. Oh what Joy! 

But the true gift which came from God Our Father, to every single one of us didn’t come wrapped in fancy paper, this precious gift was not fastened with ribbons and bows.

This true gift of pure love and salvation was born in a lowly stable in Bethlehem and his bed was a feeding trough for animals.

This perfect, wondrous and precious gift came down to us from the heavens to free us from the damnation of sin and to be our salvation.

All this he did for us because of the love Our heavenly Father has for us. Our dear Lord! Who left his throne on high to be born lowly on earth amongst us and who would love us to teach us the ways of righteousness. He loves us to the extent that this lowly yet heavenly babe would later give himself willingly up to death upon the cross to atone for our sins, he did this to save us!

Oh such a truly wonderful gift to us from Our Father, even though we are unworthy sinners! A Holy gift of such perfect love!

This is the true gift of Christmas! The gift of God to you, to me, to everyone.

Let us rejoice! Rejoice! Let us offer the Lord praise and thanksgiving! 

Let us accept anew  in our hearts and in our lives this wonderful and incomprehensible gift of pure love and let us with all the heavenly hosts-Rejoice!!

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