The Feast of St. Bartholomew ~ The Very Rev. Lady Sherwood, OPI

Reading 1:RV 21:9B=14
R psalm: PS 145:10=13,17=18
Gospel: JN 1:45=51

Today we commemorate the Feast of St. Bartholomew. He is mentioned in all of the four lists of the Apostles, for example, in MT10:3.

Bartholomew who is also known as Nathaniel, was one of the first followers of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. He really isn’t known much about or mentioned about as much as other Apostles such as Paul, Peter, Matthew or John. However, St Bartholomew as little known and mentioned amongst the Apostles, is has greatness due to this very fact.
Bartholomew lived his life doing exactly as the Lord Jesus had instructed him to do, he preached, he baptised, he administered the Eucharist and he proclaimed the good news and salvation of Jesus to all nations. We are taught by tradition, that Bartholomew even travelled to India to Preach the good news of Jesus Christ. We are also taught by tradition that Bartholomew was martyred for his faith in the place that today we know as Armenia.

In the Lord’s Kingdom, true greatness is not to be found in the riches of a Gold crown and a Gold throne, but in a crown of thorns and the bloodstained cross of salvation. True greatness is demonstrated by proclaiming the Glory and the greatness of our Lord Christ. In the Lord’s Kingdom of which all true children of God are part, greatness is not to be found in positions of power, or titles, or in the personal strength of mankind, but rather is found in weakness, in service, and to the glory of the Lord Jesus whose victory over death on the cross for our sins, won for us the chance of eternal salvation.

St Bartholomew was great because of his service as he didn’t glorify himself, but glorified our Lord Jesus Christ. Dearest brothers and sisters, we as mere humans are not great, but however, our Lord and Master is!! By serving our Lord Jesus, we gain a share in his greatness. Our greatness is neither earned nor is deserved, it has been earned for each of us by our humble Lord and master and who is also yet our great servant.
Let us live by the example of St Bartholomew within each of our lives, serving and glorifying the Lord with all our hearts and souls. Let us not fall into the trap of glorifying ourselves as this earthly world does. We are part of the Lord’s Kingdom and are not of this world. Serving and proclaiming the glory of our Lord and God is vital if we are truly to be children of God and to belong to his heavenly Kingdom.

Let us pray:

Lord, sustain us with the faith and service which made St Bartholomew ever loyal to Christ your Son. Let your Church be the sign of salvation of the Lord for all the nations of the world.
Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in Unity with the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen.


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