Growing Seasons ~ The Rev. Dcn. Igor Kalinski, OPI

Marshal Tito 157



Homily for 30 August, Twenty second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Blessed Sunday day dear brothers and sisters.

I feel this melancholic frontier between the end of summertime and beginning of autumn, the mix of refreshing nights, shorter days, but still so hot during the low sunshine here. Nature is slowly changing in golden shape. We are changing too, physically and spiritually, in a good and in a negative way, too.

The golden, red color of the trees’ leaves as they are falling on the ground, is a remarkable story. The leaves from green and young, to the red and golden colors, saying goodbye, dying and fertilizing the ground for the next generation of seeds and plants.

We people are the leaves, the tree is the mother church, we physically die, and be buried.

Through our lives, we grow, we get green and inexperienced and young, and we learn from our mistakes and sins, we learn to follow and recognize the voice of our God. He provides us through his graces in a spiritual journey with his sacred sacraments. Our Holy Mother Church.

The tree is our diocesan bishop, cos every bishop is an image of Jesus, every autocephalous bishop is church based on the tradition and teachings of the Holy fathers. In this modern 21 century world, the church is witnessing the same unique story of God’s love for the people.

I know the spiritual life is not easy in a way, but our weakness and our sacrifice for God let us offer all that pain and struggle, with pure intentions and prayers, we can transform the society when we learn what is Gods will, what is good and pleasant to do.

If we can lose our life, it’s not lost in God, be brave, God have future for all of us. He will never leave us. Let’s take daily our own cross and go forward as a servant of Jesus.

God will provide for the rest. He never leaved us, and He will embrace us all in the end of our journey.

Stay faithful and passionate for Christ Risen.  Amen.

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