Our Members

Consecration Myke

The Rt. Rev. Michael Beckett, OPI ~ Father General of the Order,

made his Solemn Profession a Dominican in 2011 and was elected as Father General later that year.  He is currently the Bishop Protector of the Order as well as the Presiding Bishop of the Unified Old Catholic Church, and is the Priest of the Chapel of Saint Dominic’s by the Sea in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.   A former school teacher, he is active in broadcast ministry, teaching in the St. Thomas Aquinas Institute for Clergy Education, and strives to live his life in accordance with the Dominican charism.  He is a firm believer in community, in education, and in spreading the Love of Christ to all.  He lives in Albuquerque, NM with his husband, Scott, and their Sheltie, Ginger, Standard Poodle, Zoey, and their four cats, Mr. Binx, Cotton, Maxx, and Lucky.


The Rev. Deacon Scott Brown, OPI

was ordained to the Diaconate in 2013 and his Solemn Profession as a Dominican in 2014.  He is active on the Commission for Ordained Ministries of the Unified Old Catholic Church  and is currently employed as the Industrial Parts Manager for O’Reilly Auto Parts in Albuquerque, NM.  He lives in Albuquerque with his husband, Michael, and  going to ITT Tech, studying Computer Network Administration.  He lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his partner, Michael, and their Sheltie, Ginger, Standard Poodle, Zoey, and their four cats, Mr. Binx, Cotton, Maxx, and Lucky.

LadyThe Very Reverend Lady Sherwood, OPI,

is a solemnly professed Sister in our Order and made her Perpetual Vows on 6 June 2014 in Blue Bell, PA. She is 51 years old and a widow who lives in the United Kingdom in the Historic Town of Newton-Le-Willows in Merseyside. She is the UK representative of the Unified Old Catholic Church where she serves as The Vicar General of our Church UK Diocese was ordained to the priesthood on 6th July 2013. Her chapel there is called the Chapel of St.Dominic & St.Stephen the Martyr.  She is a very dedicated and caring person who spends much time ministering to the most unloved and forgotten members of our society. She teaches that they are loved by the Lord as is anyone else, and believes these are the people who may not get chance to know about our Lord and the peace and salvation which only He can give. She has a good sense of humour and loves to make people smile. She has a 9 year old rescue dog named Snowy, who Mother Lady says is “lovely but is definitely a live wire.

Igor Face Pic

The Rev. Deacon Igor Kalinski, OPI,

comes to us from Macedonia. His ministry includes working with the elderly, and he is focused on animal rights. Br. Igor made his Simple Profession in October of 2015 and his Solemn Profession in December of 2016.  He hopes to find friends who will join him in Macedonia, or wherever he will be, to help him bring more abandoned people to Christ.


  1. aliciafl

    Lovely to meet you all – please feel free to add me on Facebook if you are not already my friend .
    I’d love to see any of you at my consecration next year if you can be with us

  2. Bob Soukup

    Great and informative web page. I am honored to be a FB friend to most of you and pray for success in each of your ministries.

  3. kenneth alaiyan

    nice to have met one and all hope you continue on your path that god has lead us in love and guidness rev kenneth alaiyan

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